Congressional Endorsements

2006 – 2007

“Americans for Immigration Control [AIC]… has been a major proponent of the fight to restore annual immigration to a reasonable and manageable level. I applaud their efforts…” — Rep. Tom Tancredo (R‑CO)  “Americans for Immigration Control has been at the forefront of the movement to secure our borders and bring common sense reform to our immigration laws. Through its extensive grassroots network, AIC is a leader in educating the public on this important issue.” — Rep. John Culbertson (R‑TX)

“I appreciate all that AIC has done… to protect our great nation   from illegal aliens, drug smugglers and potential terrorists.” — Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R‑MD)

“It has been my pleasure over the years to work with Americans for Immigration Control. This organization has shown great commitment to bringing realism to immigration policy. AIC makes its voice heard in Washington.” — Rep. Ed Royce (R‑CA)

“AIC has earned a reputation among members of Congress as one of the most active and responsive advocacy groups in the field of immigration reform. AIC is as feared by the pro-illegal immigration lobby as it is valued as a resource by those who seek to support and defend our nation’s borders.” — Rep. Charlie Norwood (R‑GA)

“Public pressure on Washington to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration is critical in the fight against the huge economic interests that support flooding our nation with illegal immigrants. I appreciate the work AIC does to organize the grassroots to insist Congress do the right thing.” — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R‑CA)

“If the United States does not totally stop illegal immigration and significantly restrict legal immigration, I fear our country will fall like Rome. Thankfully, organizations like Americans for Immigration Control are joining the fight to save and protect America.” — Rep. Virgil Goode (R‑VA)