The Dream Act Is Still a Bad Idea

The Dream Act is a legislative nightmare which keeps coming back again and again. In concept, it is an amnesty proposal for the children of illegal aliens who accompanied their illegal alien parents to this country. Its proponents try to appeal to the heartstrings by claiming that these youngsters should not be punished for the lawbreaking of their parents.

Congress refused to pass Dream Act legislation in 2010, but Democrat amnesty advocates in Congress refuse to give up on it. They hope to revive it this year as legislation, or failing that, at least make the Dream Act a campaign issue. Some Republicans are trying to get in on the Act too, with their own version of the legislation. Unlike the Democrats, they would let the illegals stay in the U.S., but would deny them citizenship.

Once again, it is necessary to understand that the Dream Act in theory and likely practice is a bad idea. Since 1986 our country has granted amnesty to a total of six million illegal aliens. And all we have gotten for such generosity is more illegal immigration. And why should it be otherwise? You always get more of what you reward.

With the Dream Act we simply would encourage more parents to bring in their children illegally. And if they too get amnesty and become citizens, they eventually can sponsor their parents to live here legally. Consequently, legalizing the children eventually would reward the lawbreaking parents who brought them.

Also keep in mind that “children” in previous Democrat versions of the bill were just the camel’s nose under the tent to bring in huge additional numbers of other illegal aliens. In one bill “children” were defined as up to 35 years of age, and none of these versions had any effective provisions to prevent fraud. That no doubt was the purpose intended, and new versions no doubt will be just as treacherous.

The Republican Dream proposal is an improvement—at least in theory—by not rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship and the right to sponsor parents for legal residence. But in actual practice, once the illegals get legal status, the vested interests of mass immigration will wail that it is “inhumane” to deny them citizenship—and they will keep up their wailing until they get what they want.

So determined are these interests that they don’t even care what the law says. The Obama Administration’s selective enforcement of immigration laws is basically an attempt to enact a de facto Dream Act. Americans who believe in the rule of law must simply draw a line in the sand: No more amnesties, period.       

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