Radicals Attack ICE Union Patriot

“Chris Crane represents organized bigotry, Not ICE employees.” – The editors of Imagine 2050 website.

Fact Check: Chris Crane is president of the National ICE Council, the union that represents the employees of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with internal enforcement of immigration laws. As president of the union, Crane is officially designated—contrary to the claim of Imagine 2050—to represent the interests of the union’s rank and file.

On numerous occasions Crane has exposed the Obama Administration’s systematic policies to prevent ICE from …

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NY Times Gives Wrong Impression about Virgina Race

In Virginia, the state’s conservative attorney general, Kenneth Cuccinelli, narrowly lost the race for governor . . . in part because Latino voters turned out in crucial urban areas and voted heavily against [him]. . . . In Virginia, where Latinos were only 4 percent of those who voted, Mr. Cuccinelli’s campaign devoted little effort to those voters. He also had a record of forceful immigration positions.” – Julia Preston, New York Times 10/6/13

Fact Check: This story gives the impression that Cuccinelli’s “forceful” stand against …

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Faith Doesn’t Require ‘Comprehensive Reform’

For people of faith, support for comprehensive immigration reform should be a no-brainer. For the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), hospitality to the stranger among us is embedded deep in our DNA. — Gene Robinson, www.washingtonpost.com 10/24/13

Fact Check: “Comprehensive immigration reform” is the euphemism commonly used to describe the legislation before Congress to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens, to increase legal immigration, and to increase temporary visas for foreigners to take American jobs.

Robinson’s viewpoint seems to be that hospitality to strangers—as …

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Immigrants Aren’t Acceptable in Business and Innovation

Immigrants are responsible for launching about half of the country’s most successful [business] start-ups and producing a striking number of patents. — The Economist 10/12/13. More than 52 percent of Silicon Valley start-ups were founded or co-founded by immigrants . . . . – Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).

Fact Check: Immigration advocates would have us believe that immigrants are far more likely to be entrepreneurs and innovators than native born Americans, and that our economy would stagnate without the superior abilities of the foreign-born. Using this …

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Alien Lawbreakers Aren’t Law-Abiding

Many amnesty advocates claim that illegal immigration is a victimless crime, if indeed it is a crime at all. One who expressed this idea several years ago was News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch who stated that he and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg were in favor of legislation “that gives a path to citizenship for responsible, law-abiding immigrants who are in the U.S. today without proper authority.” – cnsnews.com – 9/30/10.

Fact Check: “Without proper authority” is Murdoch’s euphemism for illegal residence in the U.S. Thus he …

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